Kentaro Allen

Computer Science & Embedded Systems

Consider the origin to be a regular ol’ pizza. If that pizza is folded in half, it is called a Calzone. Then, if that Calzone is reduced to half, it is a Hot Pocket. If you reduce the Hot Pocket to fourths, you have Pizza bites. Following along this, does that mean the next level is taking a blender to pizza bites? This is my analogy for the beauty of thinking and abstractions. There is always a smaller level that exists to be understood to draw vision from. My name is Kentaro Allen. I am 24 and graduated with Honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2016 with a Bachelors in Computer Science focusing mainly on network applications and embedded systems. Here, I focused on algorithms, databases, IoT, embedded systems, mobile devices and networking. I exist within a niche that comes from a strong programming background with the understandings of the bridge linking towards electrical engineering topics. Not only by hobby, but by a belief of the importance of an ever growing world where all electrical devices will be linked to the internet. Over the years, I have completed many personal and team projects with a mindset that has allowed me to learn invaluable topics that the degree does not offer. I believe that given a vision, I must pursue it and let obstacles be a sign of opportunity for learning, growth, and strength.

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